The Solution

The University’s Information Services Directorate in partnership with the Residences Division elected to network each of the 16 Halls of Residence buildings spread across the centre of the City. Following a competitive tender IKM were selected as the infrastructure partner to provide network services to every bedroom as well as common-areas across the campus. IKM’s South West based engineering team worked tirelessly throughout the programme adhering to tight time constraints during a 3-year period to deliver the project in its entirety.

The Outcome

Cardiff University now have a cost effective and fully integrated internet service both wired and wireless across their Halls of Residence. The system was painstakingly installed with minimum disruption to their students and staff. This has allowed the University to remain attractive to potential students and future proofed the campus as technology has moved forwards.

Over the intervening years Cardiff University has continued to grow and expand both its size and the range of courses on offer. Since 2002 IKM have been the incumbent supplier to the University for Networking services. This has led to us successfully delivering a vast variety of network based projects throughout the Campus. This divergence of project variety has been undertaken whilst ensuring the service levels, quality and H&S aspects of our contractual obligations are continually reviewed and improved.

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