Structured Cabling Services

Structured Cabling

A robust and reliable structured cabling system is the cornerstone for all consistent Local Area Networks. As technology evolves and connectivity extends from the multi-floored office block, university campus or airport terminal to individual rooms within homes, the network strategy is not only the remit of the IT Director but now the homeowner or tenant. However, the same principles that the structured cabling system lays down the foundation for a successful network still apply.

IKM have 25 years experience in designing, installing, commissioning & supporting Structured Cabling Systems that we have deployed throughout the UK, Europe and occasionally further afield. Throughout this time, we have maintained our core beliefs in providing excellence without compromising on quality, selecting product partners that are able to consistently deliver the service levels we require and ensuring we can achieve this without cutting corners on client expectations.

Each structured cabling system is unique and whatever your requirements IKM will work with you to design and install a system that doesn’t just meet the needs of today, will stand the test of time and be the foundation of your network for many years to come.

Our installation experience encompasses a vast range of diverse environments and an equally vast range of project size, going from Petrochemical Offices in Tripoli to an American Bank in Moscow and from a 50 floor Residential Tower block in Central London to Terminal 5B at Heathrow Airport, from 1 Category 5 UTP outlet to 10,000 Category 7 F/FTP outlets.

As the range of technology uses focused around Internet Protocol (IP) has rapidly expanded so has our experience in delivering these services. Voice, BMS, CCTV, Access Control, Audio Visual & IRS Television all now fit neatly into our portfolio offering and this in turn allows our clients to undertake a one stop shop for all IP requirements ensuring that one integrated structured cabling system will support a myriad of services.

IKM are a fully Authorised Cabling Partner for Commscope, Connectix & Hellerman Tyton structured cabling systems all of which allow us to offer long term manufacturer backed Product and System warranties which accompany each of our installations. The warranty provides a peace of mind that for a minimum of 20 years the Registered System will meet or exceed System Performance Specifications.

In nearly all scenarios IKM would seek to undertake a thorough site survey. The survey can give the designer a substantial amount of information and create a proper starting point for the project. All projects, whatever size, will be allocated a dedicated Project Manager who will be responsible for all aspects of the project throughout its entire life cycle. The Project Manager will liaise with the client to ensure both the quality and programme milestones are successfully achieved. At the conclusion of a project an O&M Manual shall be provided incorporating all CAD documentation denoting cable routes, outlet locations, communications room layout and network schematic diagrams. IKM will also include copies of both Copper and Fibre Test Results. All of IKM’s installations are designed to conform with the European Industry Standard EN50173 1-3.

Fibre Optic

Fibre Optic Services

IKM are specialists in the design and installation of fibre optic networks/systems. Our experienced team of project managers can assist you with deciding on the best fibre solution to suit your requirements and to ensure it meets with the demand of your data transmission needs.

From vertical cabinet to cabinet multimode backbone connectivity to external campus-wide single mode deployments, Fibre cabling provides you with the highest bandwidth available and allows for data transmission at increased distances beyond copper cable’s capabilities. With an immunity to Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI), fibre can provide you with a tough and resilient backbone which is a crucial component in the Local Area Network for both commercial and residential developments.

IKM can offer a full range of fibre solutions and our experienced engineers are all trained to NVQ or City & Guilds Certification. Our installations are completed using the latest core alignment fusion splicers for the best possible connection. All connections are tested to industry standards using Fluke DSX Cable Analysers or OTDR’s and test results are presented in both Linkware or within a PDF Format.

As well as traditional Fibre Optic solutions, we also offer the following:

Blown Fibre Optic Systems

Whether the requirement is for a single same floor fibre extension to an existing interlink or to supply and install a multi-building campus system featuring diverse & multiple routing. The flexibility offered by deploying a Blown Fibre Optic solution in certain situations sometimes outweighs installing traditional point to point fibre links and can significantly reduce future implementation costs and disruption whilst ensuring the latest fibre technology is easily maintained.

IKM is an approved partner of CommScope & Sirocco® Blown Fibre Solutions allowing us to install and warranty optical fibres deployed ‘on demand’ between existing interlink compartments using compressed air to blow the fibre along the pre-installed tube.

Constructing a network using this system has a number of key advantages over traditional fibre installation:

  • Network Design Flexibility: The ability to install micro-ducts now, with a view to designing and implementing the full solution at a later date
  • Deferred cost: Initial installation of ducts and the fibre needed at the outset can defer the overall installation costs over a number of years and suit future requirements
  • Ease of upgrade: Pre-installed ducts mean that new fibres can be blown into a live environment with no disruption to the existing network or staff.

Given the uncertainty of future trends in technology, a Blown Fibre Solution is a flexible and cost-effective ‘future proof’ solution to your business network needs.

Powered Fibre

CommScope’s Powered Fibre is a recent innovation, but one that has potential in scenarios such as external CCTV Cameras, small cell mobile telephony enhancement and remote Wi-fi access points usually within outdoor environments. Many of these devices will accept a PoE input for power and communications, but distance limitations, power availability, and device placement deny the ability to service this through a traditional copper implementation. Usually, in this scenario, both a power and data link must be installed separately usually with a different installer for each service, but with a Powered Fibre Cable System, there’s another solution providing a complete “rack to device” solution for powering and communicating with network devices.

Advantages of deploying a Powered Fibre Solution are as follows:

  • Reduces the need for landlord and utility negotiations
  • Eliminates local power sources
  • Greatly speeds up planning by eliminating DC electrical calculations for voltage/power drop over
  • varying distances
  • Handles up to 64 devices simultaneously from one power supply
  • Contains carrier grade electrical protection
  • Is NEC Class II and SELV compliant
  • Allows for placing devices exactly where they are needed to maximise coverage

The Powered Fibre Cable System is comprised of two main components featuring a hybrid cable and a PoE Extender. In addition to this, our system is provided with cable management, power transmission management, safety & overload protection as well as a universal power supply (PSU).

External Civil Engineering Solutions for Fibre Deployments

As part of the requirement for deploying Fibre Optic solutions IKM have gained considerable experience in providing inter-building underground duct implementations both through public & privately owned land. Our experience includes detailed planning and then securing an agreement with public bodies such as local or municipal councils. Our experience includes documenting and completing complex Section 50 Licencing procedures and compiling detailed Health & Safety procedures including Method Statements and Risk Assessments as well as liaising with local residents where necessary. IKM is able to provide a customised building to building Pit and Duct solutions across a wide range of outdoor environments.


Pre-Terminated Solutions

With site installation timescales for construction based projects being increasingly compressed, there are more and more occasions where off-site pre-termination of cable looms and assemblies becomes an essential mechanism for cost-effective installation solutions. Operating from a dedicated workshop, IKM Network Communication’s offsite partner facility provides a number of distinct advantages over traditional installation activities:


  • Up to 75% reduction in onsite installation time
  • A significant decrease in time spent handling deliveries on site
  • Massively reduces waste materials on site
  • Maximises cable usage
  • Eliminates non-conformance materials reaching the installation stage
  • Eliminates materials being lost, misplaced or moved on site
  • Reduces the need for the floor to be lifted numer­ous times
  • Health and Safety efficient, and minimises risks on site
  • Traceability as cable batch numbers are logged as part of the process
  • Environmentally friendly. By having the waste materials controlled in one lo­cation we make sure that everything possible is re­cycled. From the plastic bags that contain connec­tors to the drums that the cable is delivered on.

For installation purposes IKM utilises CR dispensing reels; this unique system alleviates the need for cable drums, cable boxes and other waste materials being delivered to site. The loom dispensers allow the cables to be easily installed without timely un­winding or twisting. The pull tension is significantly less than conventional drums or boxes.

IKM will assist with the planning, design, and measurement of all cable looms. Once the assemblies have been manufactured they are stored on trolleys ready for delivery to site. They can be delivered to suit the project pro­gramme which could involve multiple deliveries on a daily basis. Each trolley has a unique number and they are loaded in accordance with the installation programme a schedule is submitted to the site installation team which makes finding looms easier. Each trolley can hold up to 144 cables, and 10 trolleys could be equivalent to 240 boxes of cable.

In offering this pre-termination solution, IKM believes it addresses a number of issues currently found within construction based projects. This service-based solution encapsulates sound business practices with an environmentally driven specification to provide massive benefits over conventional installation methods.


IKM MDU Residential Infrastructure Projects

Since 2010 IKM have been involved in deploying multi-facetted systems into large scale apartment buildings. The first projects we were awarded were in Stratford for the Athletes Village in time for the 2012 Olympics. Since that time we have deployed services into well over 5000 apartments.

Our Residential infrastructure systems provide an end-to-end solution for multi dwelling units, this includes the integration of structured cabling, Audio Visual, Satellite IRS TV, broadband ISP connectivity. Within a Landlords demise IKM can provide CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry and BMS systems all of which are delivered over a robust intelligent IP Local Area Network. In a number of projects IKM have also been responsible for the delivery of Audio Visual, Home Automation and also the provision and installation of TV’s including Splash screen bathroom units.

Each Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) has a different specification however IKM’s long term experience within this arena allows us, working in partnership with the M&E specialist or main contract to deliver a custom fitted system which meets and exceed the requirements of both the designer and client.

Data Centre Solutions

Data Centre Solutions

During the last few years, IKM has gained a wealth of Data Centre experience in the UK, Europe & the USA undertaking projects for a variety of clients across a range of cabling systems manufacturers portfolios. IKMs engineering team, usually acting as a sub-contractor, have now delivered a significant number of complex multi-faceted projects within mission-critical time frames. We have subsequently replicated a number of projects across multiple European sites.

This experience has provided us with an enviable track record in the following disciplines

  • Siting, earthing, profile arrangement, baying, floor tile cutting & chimney install for new racks
  • Containment both overhead and underfloor within suite and also for interlinking suites
  • Suite auditing of racks, equipment, patching and link
  • Assistance with small-scale colocation installs
  • Racking & Stacking of Active network equipment
  • Copper installation both pre-terminated as well as traditional solutions
  • Patching of all installed links, tested and labelled
  • Fibre installation pre-term, traditional & MPO interlinks
  • Full testing utilising Fluke DSX test equipment uploaded to Linkware Live
  • Sub-Contract Partnerships with similar organisations in both Frankfurt and Madrid


Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

IKM has successfully deployed a large number of fully operational wireless systems in both commercial and public sector environments which has reinforced our belief in the advantages of deploying wireless solutions throughout a variety of situations.

Advantages of Wireless LANs


The most obvious and significant advantage is that users can access shared resources without the need for a wired solution.


Coverage of an existing WLAN can be extended by the implementation of additional nodes without the need for additional backbone cabling


Wireless networks can be designed to be as complex or as simple as necessary

Reduced Cost of ownership

In situations such as MAC (Moves Adds & Changes), wireless connectivity could remain static thereby reducing costs which conventional networks would necessitate.

Our Wireless Projects Methodology

WLAN Network Design

Deployment of a wireless network requires careful planning. Business requirements and objectives are evaluated and a thorough site survey is always undertaken prior to completing the full project design and scope.

Site Survey

IKM technicians will conduct a comprehensive survey to accurately assess the layout and conditions that could impact on a wireless deployment. Factors considered are the structural complexity of the building, safety and physical security as well as ensuring comprehensive wireless coverage. Data gathered as part of the survey will be incorporated into the site management plan.

WLAN Installation

IKM’s project management team will ensure that the technical issues surrounding the installation are correctly addressed, and configuration, integration and deployment are all calculated within the installation plan. The engineering team will undertake the physical elements of the project according to that plan.

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IKM have been Cardiff University’s incumbent structured cabling supplier for well over 10 years now. We are lucky to have them working in partnership with us, and time and again have benefitted from their expertise and professionalism. From the rapid response to ad-hoc minor repairs, to the design and implementation of infrastructure deployments in large scale buildings and backbone installations, IKM have all aspects covered. In recent years IKM have assisted us with the design and deployment of Wireless networking and VoIP telephony system rollouts. Their input and assistance has been integral to our service delivery to over 30,000 students and 6,000 staff.

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